The return of face to face Council Meetings

West Bedlington Town Council Meetings from May 2021.

West Bedlington Town Council will return to physical (face to face) meeting from May 2021.

The legislation which permitted Council meetings to be held virtually via video conferencing expired on 6th May 2021 and there are currently no Government plans to reintroduce it.

Town Council meetings are open to the public and will now be held in Bedlington Community Centre.

Dates and Times of future meetings can be found on the Councils website

The Council has prepared a Covid 19 Risk assessment for its meetings and this can also be found on the Councils website

To help maintain public health safety and minimise the risk of infection we would ask all those members of the public who wish to attend a future meeting of West Bedlington Council to note and adhere to the meeting attendance check list below.

  1. No one who is experiencing or suspects they have any symptoms of Covid-19 should attend a public meeting. If it is obvious to The Council that an individual displays covid-19 symptom they will be asked to vacate the meeting immediately. They should return home and follow the stay at home guidance, including making an appointment for a covid-19 test.
  2. Space and available seating will be restricted so we ask you to attend only if you feel it is necessary (you can ask questions of the council at the meeting in advance via email or letter or by contacting the Town Clerk by phone in advance of the meeting. If then, you still wish to attend a public meeting, we ask that you (at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting) book a place at the meeting by contacting the Town Clerk via email or telephone 07434659221. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee places if they have not been prebooked.
  3. To minimise the number of persons entering the meeting / venue at the same time we ask Councillors to arrive no sooner than 6pm and no later than 6.10pm, and members of the public to arrive no sooner than 6.15pm and no later than 6.25pm. No late admissions will be allowed (The Clerk as the key holder will need to be in the meeting).
  4. Upon entering Bedlington Community Centre, for the meeting you must agree to:
    1. Either sign into the building using the Track and Trace App or complete your name and contact details upon a register of attendance.
      1. Undertake a temperature check – anyone with a temperature above the recommended limits will be asked to leave the building immediately and return home.
      1. Where a face mask (other than when requested to speak) whilst in the meeting (unless you have an exemption for face mask wearing).
      1. Sanitise your hands at the hand sanitiser stations provided.
      1. Follow the one way routing system
      1. Take a seat furthest from the entry door – you will be directed to your seat.
      1. At the end of the meeting follow the one way routing system and exit in order as directed.
  5. No paper copies of the meeting agenda will be available at the meeting – if you wish you can print your own copy at home and bring it to the meeting. Please remember to take it home with you after the meeting.  

Finally, the Council will endeavour to put in place a video link to the meeting via Zoom video conferencing (members of the public will not be seen on the meeting camera) so members of the public can observe the meeting remotely if they wish. However importantly members of the public using the video link will not be able to participate in the meeting so if you do have a question for The Council, please contact us in advance (as per item 2 above).  

Friday, May 14, 2021