Have Your Say – Consultation on the Development of a Neighbouthood Plan

The future development of Bedlington: the chance to have your say!

The Town Council has taken the decision to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to cover the period 2020 – 2040 to complement the Local Plan currently being developed by the County Council.  The adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan will provide the opportunity for the residents of West Bedlington to help shape the future development of our community by providing a uniquely local perspective.  By means of a Neighbourhood Plan we can seek to retain and enhance those features of West Bedlington currently felt to be good whilst providing a framework for improving those aspects currently less well regarded.

The process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan requires extensive consultation and this will take place over coming months. It will take various forms, for example, questionnaires, discussion panels with residents and stakeholders and consultation on a draft Plan. Finally residents will be invited to vote on whether to accept the final document.

During this time things will not stand still.  For example work on the new Town Centre development has started and on completion, will transform the Town Centre environment and our local shopping experience. But there are many other aspects of our community that impinge on the daily lives of residents that might be improved through change.

It is clearly important when developing any plan that seeks to manage change within a community that it reflects the views of those who live and work there.  As a first step therefore, the Town Council is inviting all residents and other interested parties, including local interest groups, to record their initial views of West Bedlington, the good, the bad and the downright ugly using the form enclosed with this Newsletter. To aid the process we have asked for comments under a number of generic headings: Heritage; Environment; Community Well-being; the Local Economy; Transport and Transport Infrastructure; and Housing.

The form should be completed and return to the Council Office by Friday, 23 November 2018. An online version is available here

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire microsoft word 

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire pdf

I very much hope you will take the time to participate in this planning process and I look forward to receiving your comments.  In particular I’m very much looking forward to working with you to develop a vision for the future of Bedlington we can all share and a community we can be proud of.

Councillor Adam Hogg – Chair West Bedlington Town Councils Neighbourhood Planning Group

Friday, October 26, 2018