Location of Public Seating

Asset No.Location of Public SeatingLocal Landmark
PS1Hirst HeadWest
PS2Hirst HeadEast
PS3Milfeld CottagesEast (Flats)
PS4Milfeld CottagesCentre
PS5Milfeld CottagesWest
PS620 Acres North of Golf Clubn
PS720 Acres Next to football pitch
PS8Hartford roadSouth side next to bus shelter
PS9Front Street Red Lion Front
PS10Front StreetRed lion Northn
PS11Front StreetTrotter Memorial 1 & 2
PS12Front StreetBlue Bell 1 & 2
PS13Front StreetCouncil Offices 1 & 2
PS14Front StreetTSB Bank 1 & 2
PS15Front StreetWar Memorial 1 & 2
PS16Front StreetMarket Place 1, 2 & 3
PS17Shiney RowJunction Hassop Way 1 & 3
PS18Shiney RowTop Car Park - Opp Library
PS19Front StreetJunction Church Lane
PS20Front StreetSt Cuthberts Church (Front)
PS21William Allen HomesWilliam Allen Homes
PS22Red House Farm o/s 66/67, 54/55
PS23Red House Farm o/s 29
PS24Red House FarmNo 14
PS25Red House Farm o/s 64/65
PS26Top North RidgeJunction Bypass
PS27Netherton VillageSide of Phone
PS28Netherton VillageWest of Village
PS29Netherton VillageEast of Village
PS30Stannington Road EndJunction Shields Road
PS31Stannington Road EndJunction Shields 1 & 2
PS32Meadowdale EstateFront Phone
PS33Choppington RoadOpp Showroom
PS34Front Street Opp D. Lynn - 3 Bench Seats
PS35Shaksmuhle RoadShalksmuhle Road
PS36Public SeatsWest Lea - o/s Play Area
PS37Public Seatso/s Community Centre Bus Stop
PS38Public Seatso/s Community Centre Bus Stop
PS39Glebe BankGlebe Bank Health Centre
PS40Glebe Bank roundaboutRoundabout Opposite Morrisons
PS41Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS42Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS43Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS44Bedlington Terrier SeatEwart Hill
PS45Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS46Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS47Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS48Bedlington Terrier SeatAttlee Park
PS49Hartford RoadNorth of WL Straughan's