Town Council Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Town Council Meetings

You can attend Town Council Meetings (usually the second Thursday of the month at Bedlington Community Centre at 6:30pm)

Before each Town Council meeting there will be a 15 minute open Session. The Chair will invite members of the public present to put questions to, or draw relevant matters to the attention of the Council prior to commencement of business. In order to give every member of the public a fair chance of asking a question, each person will be limited to two questions at each session and each question is limited to 3 minutes per person.

See a schedule of Town Council meetings

Meeting MonthDocument Name
All February 2018
Agenda Council Meeting 8th February 2018

02 Agenda for Services Committee Meeting 22.02.2018
All January 2018

Minutes 11th January 2018

Agenda Services Committee 25.01.2018
All December 2017
Minutes 14th December 2017

No Services Meeting this month
All November 2017
Minutes 9th November 2017

11.17 Services Committee Minutes 23rd November 2017
All October 2017 MeetingsMinutes 12th October 2017

10.17 Services Committee Minutes 26th October 2017
All September 2017
Minutes 7th September 2017

09.17 Services Committee Minutes 28th September 2017
All August 2017
Minutes 10th August 2017

08.17 Services Committee Minutes 24th August 2017
All July 2017
Minutes 13th July 2017

07.17 Services Committee Minutes 27th July 2017
All June 2017
Minutes 15th June 2017

06.17 Services Committee Minutes 22nd June 2017
All May 2017
Minutes 11th May 2017

DRAFT 2017 West Bedlington Minutes Annual Meeting of the Town 31.05.17

05.17 Services Committee Minutes 25th May 2017
All April 2017
Minutes 6th April 2017

04.17 Services Committee Minutes 27.4.17
All March 2017
Minutes 9th March 2017

03.17 Services Committee Minutes 23.3.17
All February 2017
Minutes 9th February 2017

02.17 Services Committee Minutes 23.2.17
All January 2017
Minutes 12th January 2017

01.17 Services Committee Minutes 26.1.17
All December 2016 Meetings Minutes 8th December 2016

12.16 Services Committee Minutes 22.12.16
All November 2016 Meetingsminutes-10th-november-2016

All October 2016minutes-13th-october-2016
All September 2016 Meetingsminutes-8th-september-2016
All August 2016 Meetingsminutes-11th-august-2016
All July 2016 MeetingsMinutes 14th July 2016
Services Committee Minutes 28th July 2016
All June 2016 MeetingsMinutes 9th June 2016
06.16 Services Committee Minutes 23.6.16
All May 2016 MeetingsMinutes 12th May 2016 WBTC
DRAFT West Bedlington Minutes Annual Meeting of the Town 18.05.16
Services Committee Minutes 26.5.16
All April 2016 MeetingsMinutes 14 April 2016
Services Committee Minutes 28th April 2016
All March 2016 MeetingsMinutes 10th March 2016
Services Committee Minutes 31st March 2016
All February 2016 MeetingsMinutes 11th February 2016
Services Committee Minutes 25th February 2016
All January 2016 MeetingsMinutes 14th January 2016
Services Committee Minutes 28th January 2016
All December 2015 MeetingsMinutes 10th December 2015
Services Committee Minutes 10th December 2015
All November 2015 MeetingsMinutes 19th November 2015
Services Committee Minutes 26th November 2015
All October 2015 MeetingsMinutes 8th October 2015
Services Committee Minutes 26th October 2015